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Parker Memorial Baptist Church

1902 East Cavanaugh Road

Lansing, MI 48910


Parker Memorial Baptist Church

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    The Staff of Parker Memorial Baptist Church

    Dr. James D. Green

    Dr. James D. Green


    Mr. Paul Snyder

    Mr. Paul Snyder

    Assistant Pastor

    Dr. D.L. Green

    Dr. D.L. Green

    Pastor Emeritus


    The Ministries of Parker Memorial Baptist Church

    Sunday School

    Here at Parker Memorial Baptist Church, we have an organized Sunday School department for children and adults of all ages. Every Sunday morning at 10:00am, our Sunday School teachers prepare a lesson from the precious Word of God. Join us this Sunday!


    Parker supports approximately 200 missionaries and evangelists around the world. Each of our supported missionaries are King James Bible preachers seeking to fulfill the Great Commission in the field to which God has called them.

    Outreach Ministries

    Parker has several outreach ministries that span the Greater Lansing community. These ministries include our Sunday School bus ministry, jail and nursing home preaching ministries and Michigan’s Military Entrance Processing Station chaplainship (Dr. James D. Green).

    Print Ministries

    The printing ministries of Parker are located in our 17,000 square foot print shop located just behind the church building. Bearing Precious Seed supplies the Scriptures to missionaries on the field, Local Church Bible Publishers produces high-quality leather-bound Bibles while Calvary Publishing prints tracts, brochures and books by Baptist authors.

    Educational Ministries

    Lansing Baptist School is a Michigan-accredited K-12 school. LBS uses the ACE curriculum and offers record-keeping for home school students. The Lansing Baptist Bible Institute offers college-level courses for those seeking a Bible college education.

    Music Ministries

    Parker Memorial Baptist church still sings the old-fashioned hymns. Our choir and special music honor our Saviour Jesus Christ with soul-stirring hymns and spiritual songs.